"Yani knows how to bring your essence out, so people can feel you as they browse"

“I LOVE my website; it is truly a reflection of me and what I offer. And I have to say that Yani is a fabulous and talented website designer. She is very gifted and knows how to bring your essence out, so people can feel you as they browse.

From the technical side, again tuning into you she has a vision of what would most complement you and knows how to lay the site out in a way that does just that. She structures the pages and many layers, with the images and content, so it is clearly laid out, and people can find their way around with ease and have an enjoyable experience.

A lot of work goes into designing a site, far more than we realise. It truly is an art and Yani is quite the artist. I have had several beautiful reviews already about how magical, enchanting mine is, how it reflects me, and great to experience. THANK YOU Yani, Namaste“

Kay Proudfoot


"I never thought it would seem this easy from my end!"

“I have recently started up my own business as a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist and have found parts of the business side of the journey rather daunting. I was introduced to Yani at Enchanting Websites via another person and the whole experience has literally been a breeze!


Yani has been amazing and guided me through getting information I have needed to collect, how to word certain sentences and what sort of photos to use. I never thought it would seem this easy from my end!

Although I would never expect Yani to work all hours, she always replies to my emails within a very reasonable amount of time.
I am thrilled with my website, Yani has managed to give it a touch of my personality while keeping it professional - exactly what I hoped for. I highly recommend Yani Halo.”

Jessie Low


"Yani will always want the best for you"

"I had been waiting for a year for the right person to do my website and I found her in Yani. Yani got me straight away. How I would like my website to look. The logo is perfect. After just asking a few questions Yani got this so right. She explained everything all the way through. Helped with direction in how the website should look and reach potential clients.

I am so happy with the look and layout of my website. My shop is great. It looks so professional and is efficient. I have an e-book now so really pleased. The pictures she put by my CD's match the content so well.

I know I can always ask Yani for advice with new ideas and she will implement this. Yani is lovely and approachable and will always want the best for you. I am happy to verify this testimonial and to give my phone number if anyone would like a quick chat."

Sue Johnson-Hewitt


"Yani directed my ideas very well"

"Yani has just finished my second website - I am totally chuffed with it! She has been my guiding hand over the last 8 years - my drum circles site has just had a fresh new look and I love it! My new website for my pictures and art workshop looks fantastic, difficult to photograph the shiny surface of my pieces but she has done an amazing job with it.

I can recommend her services, her insight into the things that make my heart sing has been put into the websites she created for me and she directed my ideas very well. Thank you Yani! xx"

Heike Jenkins


"Yani knows what works"

"I didn’t know what to expect initially as my previous experience with another web designer was pretty poor, but I was very impressed how quickly Yani was able to grasp as to the type of website I needed and understood my individuality and business need.


She has a good eye for colours and is very creative, the work was fast and communication great. She knows what works and I have received numerous compliments about my website. Can’t recommend enough."

Laura Lohk

Poole, UK

"Yani has a professional approach that means no stone is left unturned until the client is completely satisfied"

"My brief was to develop SEO for my website and build Mailchimp capability for newsletters and downloads. Yani has a professional approach that means no stone is left unturned until the client is completely satisfied. I am and I fully recommend her work. Thank you Yani!"

Steve McCabe

London, UK

"I would highly recommend Yani's services to any of my friends or family"

"Yani has been a pleasure to work with on creating my website. She listened attentively to the design and vibe I wanted to create as well as providing relevant and current advice on how to create a stunning new website.

She communicated with me on a regular basis keeping me up to date and asking for content which made for a quick turnaround time. I continue to work with Yani and would highly recommend her services to any of my friends or family."

Frankie Amat

Ferndown, UK

"I can not even begin to emphasise how delighted and happy I am with the amazing work of Yani"

"WOW Yani! I can not thank you enough for what a LOVELY LOVELY job you did on EVERYTHING! Thank you so much. I can not even begin to emphasise how delighted and happy I am with the amazing work of Yani. She has been beyond professional, informative, helpful and simply wonderful to work with. It would be a mistake to work with anyone else!

I could not be more pleased with how my site turned out and I really owe it all to Yani. She was clear and concise with what she needed from me and really understanding with my “newness”, questions and unfamiliarity with web designs and websites. She is a true professional and excellent at what she does! I highly recommend Yani."

Karen Junk

Utah, US

"The results were impressive as the attendance was much greater than we hoped for"

'In 2010, Yani created a joyful and informative website for the Estonian Midsummer's Day which has become an annual event in London. This event brings together hundreds of Estonians and their international friends from all over the UK and abroad.

The Midsummer's Day website was our main marketing tool, as well as the main source of information for the event from the agenda and main performers (always a magnet for people) to buying the tickets. With its colourful design and catchy midsummer tune that all the Estonians recognise and love and their foreign friends like as well - Yani managed to create a proper Midsummer Party feel in people ahead of the event already.

We advertised the event website mainly via social media, as through these channels we reached our target audience the quickest and most effectively. The results were impressive as the attendance was much greater than we hoped for and the increase was considerable when comparing to numbers during the previous years when we did not create a website for this event.

Truth be told - looking at the website again today and listening to the tune has made me look forward to the next event already!"

Kadi Link

London, UK



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